Love drug: paintings of an addict. 

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Can you recall that song by the Violent Femmes, “Kiss Off “?

That part where the singer, Gordan Gano says “I take one, one, one ’cause you left me. And two, two, two for my family. And three…..”(1:40)… That part of the song really speaks to me about love and loss.  Well, after a break up, I decided to make a few paintings.  I used the technique of sublimation in these paintings. Meaning: after painting a layer, I would cover it up in white paint.  Then paint again, and white wash it again.  You can vaguely see the layers underneath as blurred out images or something like foggy memories.  So by the end you can see a history of thoughts in these painting.  Similar to the way we remember past lovers.  Or the way you might want to call out to you current lover but you ex-lover’s name pops into your head first. Sublimating you to the  action of maybe speaking there name one last time out loud.  Reminding you of that old addiction, that Love Drug